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Unsubscribing from MyEclipse Newletter

i recently received my semi-annual spam e-mail from the My Eclipse people. i don’t ever remember signing up for a newletter, but they supplied a helpful unsubscribe here link. i followed it, and this is what i get:

 Unsubscribe Me Option

In order to unsubscribe, i must provide my username and e-mail address. Why must i provide these things? You already know my e-mail and my username, you’re the ones who sent me the e-mail!

In my particular case, i don’t know my username. i don’t even know my “MyEclipse” e-mail address. i could recover my username through their “Lost your username?” feature, but why not just save me step?

If i click a link in an e-mail saying unsubscribe here, i should be presented with a page such as:


And i’ll click “Unsubscribe” and that will be the end of it.


  • typo in the first sentence
  • don’t have UNSUBSCRIBE in all caps
  • right-align the buttons
  • the word e-mail is properly hyphenated in two of three instances

 p.s. i’m still not unsubscribed, i didn’t want to bother with it anymore.