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One of Windows Vista’s new abilities was targetting high resolution display devices. But when you’re running on a high-density display, thigs get fuzzier, not sharper.

Below is a comparison of various text sizes, with and without ClearType, using various scaling methods.

Vista DPI Font Scaling Methods

Rather than rendering text larger, Vista blows up the already rendered text; making it fuzzy and painful to look at. i realize why it’s happening. The new composition engine in Vista is using the power of your 3D video card to run the user interface. It’s very easy for it to apply a simple scaling as they’re about to show it on the screen.

 What they should have done is intercept all drawing function, and draw the text (and lines, and polylines, and bezier’s, and ellipses, etc) at a different size. For everything else (i.e. bitmap blits, texture fills, etc) perform the nieve scaling.


Align Your Controls

From the Windows Vista version of Adobe Reader: 


 The controls on the right side are hard to scan – they’re all aligned seemingly randomly. They really should have been aligned as:


 Now it’s easy to scan two columns of options.