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Splinter Cell Causing Chaos Theory

i installed the patch Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory today. Now when running the program i am presented with the dialog:


My inital, and ongoing confusion is: what will happen if i push Yes? The text says “Continue?” rather than “Reboot?“. This makes me think that it will Continue, rather than Reboot

Unfortunatly i can’t trust them to do what they say, because if i guess wrong my computer’s going to shutdown.  (i’ve had an important program running for the last few weeks, which i don’t want to interrupt simply because StarForce says so.)

So i hit “No”, and forgo playing the game.

The dialog itself could be much clearer. This is what i was able to whip up fairly quickly:


The text is now white. The text on the original was mostly gray on black – not very easy to read.

The buttons are much clearer now about what they’re going to do, explicitly saying “Reboot Computer” and “Exit Game”.  Now you don’t even need to read the text, you can just pick your poison.

Also, the explanation text is before the choices, which is how people read: top-down.

 In this example, there is a better way altogether: don’t have any dialog. The problem is the StarForce copy protection drivers that UbiSoft uses. Thesedrivers have been causing people all kinds of blue-screens, slow-downs, inability to play the game.  UbiSoft should just not use them. In fact, UbiSoft has stopped using them, but not in time for the game i own.

p.s. the Russians who created StarForce have a propaganda site with a StarForce removal tool. There’s also a mirror of the removal tools on the Boycott StarForce site.


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